Slow Is The New Fast

Writing about my life from injury to ultra marathon and everything in between...



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Thinking Out Loud #13 | The Speed Training Edition

Happy Thursday friends. Even on the weeks where I struggle to find the time to sit down and write, I usually seem to be able to throw some thoughts …


This will be the only burger and fries I consume for awhile...
My accidental, not quite Whole30

Historically, I’ve been a terrible injured person. Instead of doing all the right things, I’ve often found myself angry, bitter and avoiding any kind of …


I managed a pretty rad 2+ hr trail run on Easter Sunday with no pain!
Thinking Out Loud #12 | The Things that Don’t Suck Edition

Last week I rambled about some less-than-stellar things that had happened throughout the week. I don’t like to be a downer so just to balance things out, …