Slow Is The New Fast

Writing about my life from injury to ultra marathon and everything in between...



These are just a selection of medals from 2013 alone!
Calling all medal-lovers! | RnRVAN Remix Challenge

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you will probably have noticed that I love my medals. I run for many different reasons but the medals? Those …


This will be the only burger and fries I consume for awhile...
My accidental, not quite Whole30

Historically, I’ve been a terrible injured person. Instead of doing all the right things, I’ve often found myself angry, bitter and avoiding any kind of …


KT Tape to the rescue!
Thinking Out Loud Thursday #11: The Things That Suck Edition

It’s Thursday so I’m letting my thoughts ramble a bit for this post. That’s the great thing about Thursday, I can spew a bunch of random things out and …